Hotels in Villeta: Finca Boutique el Eden

A country retreat full of magic, nature and life

When we escape the routine of the city, the last thing we want to do is jump from one building to another. That’s why we tend to choose places that are out of the city standards. On my trip to Villeta, Cundinamarca, I had the opportunity to stay in a beautiful hotel, where the wildness of the forest naturally merged with the modernity of this century.

Hotel Finca Boutique el Edén, a 4-star hotel

The beauty of this finca has nothing to envy the biblical Eden. It is a place that is completely surrounded by nature and wildlife. During my visit to Finca Boutique el Eden, I had the opportunity to interview Lidia Elsa Barreto Diaz; Commercial Manager and responsible for the fact that, after only one month of operations, Finca Boutique el Eden already has full occupancy on weekends and a long waiting list of pending reservations.

Lidia points out that “Marbar Hoteles SAS” is our hotel chain. We currently have 3 establishments in Villeta, Cundinamarca and an events house in Cartagena. Marbar Hoteles works towards customer satisfaction by offering them something different, innovative, sustainable and environmental. Our value proposition is to offer places that inspire tranquillity, connection with nature and a silence that allows full relaxation.

He also comments that they are working hard on sales and that the reception from the public has been favourable. Occupancy in the first month exceeded their expectations, and they have even quoted for large private events, such as weddings, business meetings and Christian gatherings. “We are encouraged because we are already at that point where Finca Boutique El Edén is becoming known.

Services offered by Finca Boutique el Edén?

This beautiful hotel offers not only accommodation, but also restaurant service, wifi, swimming pool, football and tennis courts, massage area, hammock area and a large forest for hiking. It also has perfect areas for business meetings, terrace, parking and access to the river.

View from the terrace.. Finca Boutique el Edén
View from the terrace. Photo: Joy Fernandez. Source: Viewertravel

For lunch and dinner they offer a varied menu of main courses, fast food, drinks and liquors. The breakfasts are American style combined with typical dishes of the region. “In the mornings we offer Colombian food. Tamales, arepas, caldos… To give our guests a bit of variety and for them to enjoy something different from what they are used to”, explains Lidia.

The hotel has a Solar Day option, in which people can enjoy the whole day in the swimming pool, the courts, the forest and the hammock area. The rate includes lunch, a welcome drink and free parking. From 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, visitors will be able to enjoy this option and will be able to consult the entrance fee by contacting the hotel staff.

For lovers of football and tennis, you can go to the Finca Boutique El Edén with complete confidence, as the hotel has all the sports equipment you need to spend an enjoyable day doing some exercise during your holiday.

Tennis court at Finca Boutique el Eden.
Tennis court at Finca Boutique el Eden.

Other services to enjoy

The massage service is highly recommended. It can be requested at any time, subject to availability. It is a session of 1 hour and 10 minutes, where relaxation massages, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, bamboo therapy and exfoliation are applied. Despite the established time, sometimes it is extended a little longer, since the objective is to fully comply with the service.

“We are not pigeon-holed in time. The girl in charge of this service knows that if she feels that the client’s body needs to continue with the treatment, she can continue. There are massages that have been extended to an hour and a half, at the same price. It is highly recommended and comes at a very good price”.

Lidia Barreto, Commercial Manager

And, to get away from the standards of a “hotel holiday”, Finca Boutique El Eden has ample natural spaces for all types of travellers. Guests, as well as visitors to the Solar Day, can enjoy a nice hammock area just behind the hotel, away from the noise of the pool and courts.

Hammock area
Hammock area. Photo: Joy Fernandez. Source: Viewertravel.

And going down a staircase carved in rock, you can access a beautiful forest where hiking, meditation, camping and ecological observation are the most common activities. There is also a lagoon and a hut for small family events.

What surprised me most was that, on one of my explorations in the forest, I suddenly heard the murmur of the river. Following the sound led me to a path that led right to a beautiful stream. This place exuded a great peace and was ideal for trekking or even a swim.

What rooms are available at Finca Boutique el Edén?

Premium Room-Finca Boutique el Eden.
Premium Room-Finca Boutique el Eden. Photo: Joy Fernandez. Source: Viewertravel.
  • Standard Rooms: the cheapest rooms in the hotel. They have a double bed and shared bathroom. 4 rooms available.
  • Deluxe Rooms: These are rooms with a double bed
  • double bed with private bathroom. 3 rooms available.
  • Premium Rooms: These rooms have a double bed
  • and a single bed. They also have a private bathroom. 5 rooms available.
  • Family Room: This is the largest of all the rooms and is brand new and spacious. It has 2 double beds and a private bathroom. There is only 1 available at the moment.

In my experience, the rooms are completely comfortable, clean and well laid out. I would not hesitate to return, as its 4 stars have been well earned.

How can I book?

At the moment, reservations are being made directly with the Commercial Manager or the Administrator. We bring for you the following contact details so that you can establish communication with the staff and you can get to Finca Boutique El Edén without any problems.

How to get there?

To get to Villeta, you can look at the indications given in the article about the “salto de los micos”. Once you arrive in the village, it is advisable to consult with the people in charge of the farm so that the explanation is much more detailed and they are aware of your arrival.

You are cordially invited to Villeta, Cundinamarca.

Lidia comments that “Villeta has the Panela Tour, in which you will not only learn about the manufacturing process, but also about the tastings offered. This is something unique to the town. The region offers horseback riding, multiple festivals and history of the colonial times. You are cordially invited to enjoy it.

For me it was a great pleasure to stay at the Finca Boutique El Edén. I felt a great freedom and I took advantage of every second to let myself be flooded by the peace of the place. Without hesitation, I would return to the hotel, because it is a place where you can really relax.

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