Baños del Inca, medicinal thermalism

Considered the SPA of Latin America

Due to the comfort of its establishments and the curative properties of its springs, they are considered to be the most important on the continent, both for the goodness of its waters and for the historical background they represent, since it was there that Pachacútec, Túpac Yupanqui, and his sons Huáscar and Atahualpa used to cleanse and relax, the latter being the host of Francisco Pizarro when Cajamarca was conquered in 1532.

Baños del Inca in Cajamarca
General view of the Baños del Inca

Waters of volcanic origin

Bathing in the hot springs, especially in the Poza del Inca, which measures 4 meters long by 4 meters wide, is downright delicious. This hot water has volcanic origin and emerges at temperatures above 70 degrees Celsius.

It is said that the Inca Baths were built by the Cajamarca culture that settled in the place since 200 BC. until 1,300 AD, and which was used as a ceremonial center or to perform water cults when they wanted to heal the inhabitants.

Therapeutic properties

The minerals that make up Los Baños del Inca have therapeutic properties for the treatment of bone and nervous system affections; for your enjoyment, pools have been designed in which the hot water is mixed with cold water.

There is also a large artificial lagoon where you can appreciate the breeding and fishing of tilapias that have been adapted and bred for human consumption.
The famous Perolitos are separated in groups, which are located in the modern Tourist Complex of Baños del Inca, which provides services for both foreign and national tourists.

Baños del Inca Pools
Baños del Inca Pools

At present, the tourist complex receives every day about four thousand visitors from all over the world. It was chosen as the first wonder of Peru in a contest carried out by about 35 million voters nationally and internationally.

How to get to the Baños del Inca?

Located in Peru, from the city of Cajamarca, take the road east towards the district of Baños del Inca (Av. Atahualpa). The 6 km trip takes 15 minutes on an asphalted road in a regular state of conservation.

To get to this tourist spot, there is public and private transport, which runs this route on a daily basis.
The Baños del Inca Tourist Complex is open from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm, from Monday to Sunday.

The complex offers lodging services and tourist lodging, as well as a sauna with thermal waters and medicinal herbs, bungalows and swimming pools supplied with hot water all the time.

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Going to the baths for a maximum of one hour and bathing in the hot springs is perfect for a good rest and necessary if you are going to return for another 16 hours by bus.

Comfort zone in Baños del Inca
Comfort zone in Baños del Inca

As they are public baths, for safety and hygiene reasons, it is advisable to ask for an individual pool, as it is a private room, which is locked from the inside.

Take a change of clothes, a towel, soap and shampoo, otherwise there are people who sell them at the door.

Take a first-aid kit with you (band-aids, cotton wool, bandages, alcohol, aspirin, pills for stomach problems and medicine to avoid altitude sickness). Wear sunscreen, sunglasses, hats and mackintoshes during your stay.

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